About Us

Our Mission

Teens 2 Teens works to provide a sense of hope and relief to struggling teenagers through a values-based education program emphasizing strong, positive friendships, thereby creating peer support networks for encouraging healthy choices.

Why We Are Here

Many teens are trying to navigate the everyday pressures of school and life while also dealing with grief, problems at home, depression, low self-esteem, and bullying. One out of every four students admits being bullied at school,¹ yet 64 percent of them NEVER report it .² And instead of turning to parents or teachers for help and guidance, many teens look to fix their problems with negative, risk-taking behaviors such as substance abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, and even thoughts of suicide.

But help for these teens may be closer than they think. And it may just come in the form of the peer standing beside them. That’s where Teens 2 Teens comes in.

What We Do

Teens 2 Teens believes teenagers can be their own greatest asset. Our program works to bring awareness and education about the effectiveness of strong, positive peer-to-peer relationships by providing training and support to youth communities.

It has been shown that many teens are often hesitant to reach out to adults for guidance in times of trouble, but the influence of their peers is extremely important. In fact, bullied students tend to find peer actions more helpful than educator or self-actions.³ Teens 2 Teens not only acknowledges this, but aims to empower teenagers to be able to make positive differences in the lives of themselves and their friends, steering them away from the risk-taking behaviors to which many fall prey.

The Teens 2 Teens program focuses on a core set of values needed to forge healthy relationships and an awareness of the needs of others. These values are wisdom, fortitude, temperance, integrity, gratitude, humility, and love. Read more about what makes each of these values important here.

Our approach is holistic and one that seeks to partner with not only teenagers, but with parents, school administration and staff, mental health professionals, and youth program coordinators to offer outlets and support to the teen population. We are not a counseling agency, rather an organization offering resources and aid to institutions and people already working with youth. Our services are open to anyone, as the set of values we build upon are universal to all backgrounds, races, socio-economic statuses, and creeds.

Learn more about the different resources available in the Teens 2 Teens program here.

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¹ US Department of Education, National Center for Educational Statistics (2015) . Student Reports of Bullying and Cyberbullying: Results from the 2013 School Crime Supplement to the National Victimization Survey. Retrieved from:http://nces.ed.gov/pubsearch/pubsinfo.asp?pubid=2015056.

² Petrosino, A., Guckenburg, S., DeVoe, J., & Hanson, T. Institute of Education Sciences, (2010). What characteristics of bullying, bullying victims, and schools are associated with increased reporting of bullying to school officials?  Washington, D.C.: National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance. Retrieved from: http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/edlabs/regions/northeast/pdf/REL_2010092_sum.pdf.

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  • I am amazed at the challenges teens face today. Negative peer pressure, temptation to substance abuse, bullying, promiscuity, the prevalence of suicide among peers, teen pregnancy. Clearly, the culture of death hovers over the lives of our young people. I greatly admire the approach of Teens 2 Teens. The concept of training peers to help peers is brilliant. Teens 2 Teens has the potential to change the dynamic in our educational institutions, one school and one student body at a time.
    Zip Rzeppa
    Former TV personality, Non-Profit Philanthropist
  • The tragic consequences of young people not knowing they are loved become opportunities for the amazing and important work of Teens 2 Teens to kick in. That's how good this endeavor is. Born out of real encounters with non-love and the consequential dangers of despair, Teens 2 Teens, in many varied ways gives priority the simplest human connection. This indispensable connection can sometimes be the difference between love and no love, the difference between life and death. You got to love Teens 2 Teens and their endeavors to tip the scales towards the freedom and responsibility of true life and love - I do.
    Rev. Stan Fortuna
    International speaker and jazz/hip hop artist