Teens 2 Teens provides the following services and resources:

Teens 2 Teens Manual: Our subscription-based manual has been developed by mental health professionals as a resource for schools and community organizations to better prepare teens in the use of the peer-to-peer mentoring model when facing pressures and problems. Issues such as substance abuse, bullying, self-harm, and others, along with how teens can help each other in these areas, are covered in the document. A searchability function provides quick access to specific topics when needed.  And thanks to our collaboration with different community partnerships, subscribers are able to find information about resource options available in their particular areas. Along with the manual, subscribers will also receive such benefits as ongoing mental health support for their school or organization, training material for their staff on how to educate teens on the peer-to-peer mentoring model, yearly educational seminars for staff and administration, school presentations by the Teens 2 Teens staff, and access to our community partners.

Student Mentor Training Retreats: Teens 2 Teens student mentors are trained to identify issues within their schools or organizations and support, not counsel, peers who might be afraid to ask for help. Bi-annual weekend training retreats, open to students of partnering schools and organizations, provide extensive training about developing relationships, appropriate boundaries, and mental health issues. This ensures that mentors have something substantial to offer their peers in need.

Training of Adult Liaisons: The designated Adult Liaison is an individual in the school or organization who is the main Teens 2 Teens contact and point person for any of the mentors or mentees in need of guidance. Teens 2 Teens offers resources and structured training by mental health professionals to help the Adult Liaison provide needed support to their teen population.

School Presentations: Teens 2 Teens provides speakers who present on topics such as authentic friendships, accountability, and self-worth

Video and Blog Series: A weekly video and blog series on the Teens 2 Teens website includes testimonies of teens’ personal struggles and triumphs, as well as celebrity interviews, including Mike Matheny, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. This series is meant to inspire and offer and a sense of hope and relief to struggling teens.

Speaker Series: National speakers present to youth and their parents regarding different topics related to the Teens 2 Teens mission, including hope, authentic friendships, and forgiveness.

Social Gatherings: Teens 2 Teens holds bi-monthly social gatherings for high school-aged kids in the St. Louis area free of charge. This allows for teens to have an opportunity to enjoy their teenage years in a safe and fun environment. This also gives teens the opportunity to meet like-minded friends and forge lasting friendships.


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