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Hello friends, and welcome to the new and improved Teens to Teens website! I am really excited to share with you some of the new things we will be starting this year. From the onset, it has always been our mission to reach out and “forge friendships based in faith”, guiding teens to make healthy and smart decisions by offering inspiration and hope. To that end, we will be releasing a weekly blog series with stories centered on hope and faith. We have an amazing lineup: teenagers, professional athletes, college students, and nationally and internationally recognized Christian speakers and musicians. Each of them will be sharing inspirational stories about some of the challenges they’ve faced, how they’ve overcome their struggles, and offering hope to someone who might be going through a similar struggle. Be sure to check back every Wednesday for the newest blog post!

Some of the bloggers you can expect to see:

Ed Hearn
In 1986, Ed Hearn fulfilled his childhood dream as a member of the World Champion New York Mets. The following year with the Kansas City Royals, he was set to make those big "million dollar bank deposits" today's professional athletes are accustomed to, when suddenly, a serious shoulder injury brought a premature end to a very promising and brilliant career. Less than six months after his baseball career ended, Ed was diagnosed with three potentially life threatening health conditions. Once a strong, vibrant professional athlete, he was reduced to a man who could barely care for himself. Ed hung on, though, and used these physical challenges to make the most incredible comeback of his life. Today, after three life-saving kidney transplants, months of dialysis, a successful bout with cancer, the aid of a breathing machine each night, a costly IV treatment once a month, and up to 50 pills per day, Ed has come back to live a life that is truly an inspiration. As an author and speaker, his courage, faith and determination speak volumes as we face life's challenges.

Maggie Herrmann
Maggie Herrmann is a junior at Cor Jesu Academy in Saint Louis, Missouri, where she is involved with many extracurricular activities, but one of her favorites is being a member of the Lacrosse team! In addition to her scholastic involvement, she’s also an active parishioner at St. Clement of Rome where she is involved with their Life Teen Program. Maggie has been involved with Teens to Teens for two years, and during that time, she’s served on the Teen Board, served as a retreat leader, and addressed a group of donors at our Mike Matheny Winter Gala!

Michael James Mette
After serving in the Air Force, Michael completed his degree in Theology and worked for 10 years in parish ministry. During this time, Michael felt increasingly called to focus on beauty by sharing the Gospel through music.  His debut album, "Always What I Need" (2010) encourages trust in God's providence. His second album "Bring Forth the Light" (2012) reflects a more mature view of the Catholic faith, exploring musical themes of human love, life, and the afterlife. While some people may describe traveling cross country with kids as miserable, Michael James Mette merely calls it "life". He has modernized a 34' Airstream travel trailer in order to bring with him all the conveniences of home as he shares his music and testimony. Those conveniences include his family - Michelle, his wife of 14 years, and their five children: Gabriella, Trinity, Charity, Cecilia, and Michael, Jr.

Jimmy Mitchell
A native of Atlanta and graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jimmy Mitchell spent a year after college as a seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville and two years as a missionary for Fraternus, a virtue-based mentoring and formation program for boys in middle school and high school. In the winter of 2010, he started Mysterium Records out of Nashville with the vision of building a community of artists dedicated to the restoration of Christian culture – particularly through the production of quality music, books, and live events inspired by a deeply Catholic understanding of the human person. He also travels throughout the year hosting retreats and conferences for youth and young adults all over the country.

David Walter
David Walter is a graduate student at the University of Missouri Kansas City working on his Master's degree in Counseling. He graduated from Benedictine College with degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and a minor in Theology.  He serves on the core team for South Side Youth Ministry in St. Louis, Missouri and loves God, his family and friends, Kansas City barbecue, and panda bears!

Greg Wasinski
As an ambitious business executive struggling for lifelong fulfillment, Greg heard a different call to move his talents to communicate in the direction of sharing words of faith filled encouragement. In turn, he became committed to use his creativity, passion, conviction and a wide array of professional talents as instruments, connecting others to faith and the positive examples in the world around them. His goals remain to nurture those around him with positive influence in order to be the “difference makers” that can change the world. Hence he now travels the country sharing his stories. He is married to his wife Aimee and they have four children (2 humans ages 14 & 11 and two German Shepherds).

Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson is a young, energetic, Catholic musician and speaker who travels the world sharing her faith through witness and worship. Emily began singing at the age of 7 when she was encouraged by her third grade teacher to sing in front of the whole church. Years later, while attending Arizona State, Emily began leading worship with Ike Ndolo. After hearing her voice and seeing her passion to lead others, Ike invited her to tour with his band across the country at various conferences and events. Emily has spoken at parishes, schools, Life Teen Leadership events, the European Life Teen conference and, most recently, the South Africa Life Teen conference. Emily currently lives in Los Angeles and loves the Pacific Ocean, Chipotle, and Europe.

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John Schenk is the founder and president of Teens 2 Teens. Once the youngest sports agent in the nation, John has traded the flashy life of the sports world for working in areas where he can serve others. However, he remains a die-hard Cardinals fan. John currently lives, works, and eats pizza at least three times a week in Nashville, Tennessee.