3 Things I’ve Learned Since Leaving High School
ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Michael James Mette

After serving in the Air Force, Michael completed his degree in Theology and worked for 10 years in parish ministry. During this time, Michael felt increasingly called to focus on beauty by sharing the Gospel through music. His debut album, "Always What I Need" (2010) encourages trust in God's providence. His second album "Bring Forth the Light" (2012) reflects a more mature view of the Catholic faith, exploring musical themes of human love, life, and the afterlife. The music is brooding and spirited, full of lush guitars, piano, and haunting vocals. Equally fitting for Sunday morning or a Friday night, Michael's music provides a backdrop for an encounter with the divine. While some people may describe traveling cross country with kids as miserable, Michael James Mette merely calls it "life". He has modernized a 34' Airstream travel trailer in order to bring with him all the conveniences of home as he shares his music and testimony. Those conveniences include his family - Michelle, his wife of 14 years, and their five children: Gabriella, Trinity, Charity, Cecilia, and Michael, Jr. To learn more about Michael, please visit michaeljamesmette.com.